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Ballscrew service and Ballscrew repair

Ballscrew Repair - Ballscrew Service - Results

Our Service:


  • Ballscrew service and repair

  • Thread revision and grinding

  • New ball assembly with adjusted ball size

  • Linear nut re-tensioning

  • Reworking of unevenness in the bearing seat

  • Cleaning and rust removal from spindle rod and linear nut

  • Spare part Supply

Your advantages:


  • Fast repair time - usually approx. 1 week from receipt in our factory.

  • Cost-effective - Repairing your spindle only costs a fraction of a new spindle.

  • As good as new - after the repair, your spindle will achieve a quality that is comparable to its new condition.

Our workshop staff impresses with the utmost care and precision when it comes to ball screws. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority!!!​

Worn ballscrew?

Even if your spindle is already showing signs of wear and tear, it is not lost.  With our huge stock of precision balls, we are able to compensate for the worn-in threads with a new, adapted ball assembly and thus make your spindle functional again without a long waiting time.

Ball screw repair:

Normally a ball screw is never completely worn out!!! The proverbial weakest link in the chain are the precision balls in the nut. This means that the spindle rod is still perfect in almost every case and can continue to be used without any concerns. Our competent employees are able to reassemble the nut and adjust it precisely. This saves you the extremely expensive purchase of a new one from the machine manufacturer.

Ballscrew Repair - Ballscrew Service

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