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Machine setup
Dismantling and loading

From small to very large, with us there is NO:"It does not work".

With our business partners in the field of transport & With cranes we can easily handle even the largest loads.


We are well prepared:

At the customer's request, we arrive with all required means of transport, such as:
Round slings / shackles / eyebolts / chain hoists / armored rollers / steel cables, suspension devices / and many more.
Ideally, the customer's conditions are sufficient to move and load the loads using indoor cranes. 
If this is not the case, we work with highly competent business partners who can handle even the largest loads under the most difficult conditions.


For machine changes/dismantling or loading, we must first assess our customers' circumstances in order to be able to estimate the exact process.
We can then create an offer tailored to your requirements.




Görlitzerstraße 9 

33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock





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