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Our list of services

We at UNITTOOL Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH have a wide range of services.

From supplying our customers with spare parts to assembling and dismantling machines.

On request you will receive our cost rates or we will provide you with a free offer.

Below we have listed and explained our services for you in more detail.


Maintenance and repair of your machine tools

Our fitters are ideally equipped for any maintenance and repair work on machine toolsof all types and manufacturers.
You will also be impressed by our fast service and good prices.

Overhaul and new storage ofBallscrews & Trapezoidal thread spindles

We will get your ball screws back into shape.
From new storage to professional post-processing.
With our eye for detail we get every problem solved.


Overhaul of milling spindles / milling heads & Driven

Our competent workshop staff will take care of the new storage and overhaul of your milling spindles / milling heads & transmission

True to our motto:Competence in precision

Machine installation/dismantling and loading

From small to very large, we have itNO: "It does not work".

With our business partners, such as  With Kolb truck cranes, we can easily handle even the largest loads.

Maschine Vorderseite.jpg

Geometric alignment and laser measurement of machine tools

We are trained to measure your machine tools geometrically using special tools and accordingly

to align.

Cone grinding when installed

Using our in-house cone grinding machine, we grind your spindle cones in sizes: SK 40/50/60 when installed, thus saving you considerable expansion costs.

If the required minimum distance of 640mm is not given: 

We offer you to build, grind and grind the milling spindle. to build one again.


Handel mit Ersatzteilen und Maschinen

We provide you with a variety of new and used spare parts for your machine tools.

Furthermore, with our large spare parts warehouse, we are able to drastically shorten repairs and thus also the downtime of your machine tools for many of our customers. !!!


Görlitzerstraße 9 

33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock





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